Research & Development

If you have identified and liked a product that you would like to distribute, call us!  We offer product duplication services on crèmes, lotions, serums or gels and most consistencies in between. We can also customize and improve the formula by adding strategic ingredients to make the new product "yours exclusively."  Please note that we require a sample of the material to generate a submission.


Packaging, Artwork, Design & Brand Consulting

We would be glad to provide references for your packing,art and design work should you need them.

Abbreviated Lead Times

In the world of "just in time" inventory, we understand that a standard 5 to 6 week lead time may not meet the needs of our customers. We can make adjustments to facilitate a "quick" turnaround of a given product, provided that all necessary components have been received and approved at our location.


Small Batch Runs

 As a unique and valuable service, Private Label Partners can offer smaller runs of product. This can be quite helpful for those companies interested in doing market research in a limited market segment or geographic area.